Upper strut mounts (blue or green) for urQ, 4kq, 90q

Jim Dupree jdupree914 at sbcglobal.net
Wed Apr 26 19:08:25 EDT 2006

Some where in the collection of bits and pieces in my
garage I have a set of Boge strut mounts (metal parts
are green) and I have a set that the rubber has been
sprayed blue, supposed to be the OE urq mounts. They
appear to be identical in size. I don't have anything
to measure the rubber durometer so I could not tell
which was harder. I don't recall if they had the same
part numbers or the brand for the "blue" ones but I'll
look when I get home. I bought both sets to compare
before installing them in my 4kq. I no longer own
either of my 4kq's but still have the strut mounts.
Take care

--- Louis-Alain Richard <laraa at sympatico.ca> wrote:

> Is there a brand of upper strut mounts (857 412
> 323B, blue or 8A0 412
> 323D, green) that are known to be tougher than the
> Topran branded units
> I can get for 12$ but don't last more than 10 000 km
> ?
> I don't mind the price, albeit not the 125$ Audi
> wants for its OEM blue
> units.
> My car has still the stock suspension, and I am on
> my 4th front set, and
> 2nd rear set.
> Louis-Alain
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