5KTQ fuel pump?--R&R

L DC ldc007usa at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 27 14:06:59 EDT 2006

This morning before coming into work I decided to
begin tackling the R$R of the fuel pump on my '86

I managed to remove the retaining ring and with lots
of patience and a couple of different sizes screw
drivers, also removed the breather line (?) as well as
the return line. I assume the return line is the other
fuel line that runs to the bottom of the fuel tank?

The 17mm bolt holding in the main fuel line was easy. 

I pulled the plastic assembly out as much as the lines
would allow.

To my negative surprise, I found the hose clamps,
which attach the fuel lines under the plastic
aparatus, rusting out. Needless to say, I will be
replacing those clamps.

Now, to separate the plastic apparatus from the fuel
hoses, you remove the rusty (in this case) clamps and
pull the hose lines off their respective nipples, easy
enough...not so fast. These rubber fuel lines appear
original, and, thus look and feel as if they're welded
to the nipples, one plastic and one metal, also with a
bit of rust. I know I should replace but for now It
will have to do until I get my hands on another set.

Again, so far its been a happy marriage and I'll like
to keep it that way....bottom line I'm affraid of
breaking the nipples as I try to pull the hoses apart.

I want to unplug the fuel lines where they end, or
begin, depending how you look at it.

I know one connects to fuel pump. 

Where does the return fuel line attach inside the

The new fuel pump should arrive this afternoon.

I'm looking to finish the job Friday.

Depending on time, I might head out to the boneyard
and search for a plastic apparatus containing the fuel
sending to compare vs the one in my car and if in
better shape than mine snatch it.

Is that plastic apparatus in our 5KTQ same as non Q
non T? Would the 200s or 100s, newer model year as you
know, carry the same?

Thanks in advance.


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