Tony Hoffman tfh400036 at
Fri Apr 28 20:38:48 EDT 2006

I get about 24mpg average, around 28 straight highway. I once got 31 highway when I first got it, but it ran better then :( 
  It's an '87 4000Q totally stock.
  Tony Hoffman

Rory <armodis.list at> wrote:
  Speaking of ga$, what are most folks getting in their 4000 quattro's (stock, 10v 
turbo, 20v turbo) I think my 4000 quattro is getting around 14MPG, but I know 
it needs work. I'm also planning a motor swap and I'm thinking I should take 
MPG into consideration since this will be my ski car in the winter. SF to Tahoe 
is a loooong drive when you are talking about $3-5 a gallon =/

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