Eric Sanborn eric.s.lists at
Sat Apr 29 07:12:04 EDT 2006

On 4/28/06, Rory <armodis.list at> wrote:
> Speaking of ga$, what are most folks getting in their 4000 quattro's (stock, 10v
> turbo, 20v turbo)

With my old stock engine I used to get 20-22 around town.  I never did
a lot of highway driving with the car, but I did see as high as 26 on
one trip.  My odometer has been broken the whole time I have had the
10v turbo in so mileage is just a gut feel thing.  My general sense is
the around town has slipped a little, but not much.

One of these days I will deal with the odometer...


Eric Sanborn

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