Strut cap removal tool - 2069

Brett Dikeman quattro at
Sun Apr 30 13:45:28 EDT 2006

On Apr 30, 2006, at 11:54 AM, Doug Yoder wrote:

> Does anyone in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area have this tool, and  
> are you
> willing to come rescue me?  Got everything all taken apart and  
> realized
> I can't remove that cap with anything I have...
> Audi tool #2069.  If I was smart, I'd have realized I needed it  
> ahead of
> time, but now I can't wait to mail order the tool.  Anyone got any
> ideas?  Email or call 414 708 3200 (cell phone).

A quick google search yielded the following advice on SJM's page:

"If you replace the shocks/strut inserts, you can use the Audi Tool  
2069 to loosen the cap nut holding the shock/strut insert inside the  
strut housing. Bilstein shocks use their own unique tool for removing  
this top cap nut. If you are desperate and don't have the correct  
tool for loosening this cap nut, a large pipe wrench or some very  
large channel lock pliers can be used to loosen this nut."

I'd use the archive search and see what others have done to work  
around not having the tool- I'm sure this issue has come up before.


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