Ever wonder why the newer Audis (and other cars) are sooo heavy?

Ingo Rautenberg i.rautenberg at waratap.com
Tue Aug 1 15:06:46 EDT 2006

So does Csaba Csere of Car and Driver is his musings from October of  
last year:


Personally, I'd rather have a car that doesn't do everything under  
the sun.  One who dabbles in many things but is master of none is  
considered a dilettante. And for a car to do the same is  
unconscionable.  And it directly impacts quality and reliability.   
Creature comforts are fine, but they should not come at the EXPENSE  
of reliability and hence value retention.  Toyota understands this.   
I wish Audi did.  People have been talking about Audi not getting  
their marketing strategy right -- but even with a great strategy, you  
need an excellent product if you want to succeed.  I suggest a  
serious re-examination by Audi of what Audi wants to be...


PS  Sorry if this is catching some of you by surprise, but on the Urq  
List we've had a lively discussion about Audi's support (or lack  
thereof) for Urqs and future values of the newer cars and Audi's  
marketing strategy.

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