Making the bumpers black again...

Geraint Lloyd geraintlloyd_qc at
Wed Aug 2 09:35:17 EDT 2006

As a cheap and quick one you could try those Kiwi
black shoe polish
things- bottle of liquid with a foam pad on the top.

A buddy of mine who runs a business  restoring british
ports cars in
montreal did ONE of the wheel arch trims on my golf 2
gti about 8 months
ago and it is only just beginning to go grey again. He
did it as a joke
and it took almost a minute!
As soon as I decide that I care enough about my
arches, I'll go and buy
some more shoe polish. I think that i can spare 2 x 20
mins a year to
keep the arches black.
I must add that the car is in canada. I am not sure
how/if the
properties of the layer of shoe polish would vary in
other climates!

I had another Golf 2 gti valeted after a respray. the
valet guys used
some think LIKE back to black on NEW black arch trims
and they went grey
4 months later.
I was not impressed.

just my  $0.000002  'cos my tip is still a bit of a
bodge even if effective!


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