3650RPM at 80mph?

Chris Thorp thorp at spacia.org
Wed Aug 2 14:39:09 EDT 2006

On Aug 2, 2006, at 10:57 AM, Tyson Varosyan wrote:

> Hey guys,
> gear? Can someone tell me what RPM I should be seeing at 80 MPH?
> The car is a 95 A6Q 2.8l with Automatic Tranny.

That sounds normal to me.  I have a '95 A6Q 2.8 manual and see about  
3000RPM at 70MPH.

Using: http://www.1010tires.com/TireSizeCalculator.asp
to calculate the tire diameter
and using: http://www.csgnetwork.com/multirpmcalc.html
to calculate RPM from other data available here:
I see that your hunch is correct.  Using stock tire parameters, you  
should be seeing about 2700 RPM at 80MPH.  As a sanity check, I get  
3000RPM at 70MPH out of the calculator if I use the manual tranny  


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