AC issues

Geraint Lloyd geraintlloyd_qc at
Wed Aug 2 16:17:22 EDT 2006

i never followed up on my story regarding the AC
compressor grenading on
the 200 tqa last month
Due to lack of equipment and other mitigating
circumstances i resorted
to replacing the ac compressor, drier, nozzle and
refrigerant (R134a)
using nothing more than a very large Visa card.

I appreciate that my solution was not really in
keeping with the spirit
of audifans, but sometimes i guess you have to go with
the flow....
Mitigating circumstances were:
1. No compressor / vacuum to clean the system
2. refrigerant Enviro safe etc would have taken a
couple of weeks to
arrive (customs etc) and it was getting hot.
3. My mother was arriving from the UK for 3 weeks
4. I have the company website to redo from the ground
up and have to do
a geological study and the logistics for a 3 gas well
drilling program
in quebec by the middle of august. time to f@@k with
the cars is short
and the rear crank seal on the golf has to be the

I feel bad though, and promise to do it myself next

Hey Alex your cold is not getting any better.

Alex Kowalski wrote:
> And **cough** I'd like to reiterate that another
friend of mine told me that
> today, in the **cough** hottest weather he's ever
experienced in
> Massachusetts, with the CC outside temp. 
> Alex
As for the downside, I thought all refrigerants were
flammable to some
degree? and the 928, well he wouldn't have toasted the
rad if it had
been a proper air cooled porsche!(he jests)

On another note, I just managed to buy a set of Audi
200 euro lamps for
112euros on ebay, the guy will only send to europe
Fortunately the wife is going to see her folk in
france soon, so that
sorts out the  transport, it just means that we get
less cheese in the
Can you believe that the cheese allowance for canada
customs is 20KG per

sorry to hear about Anton, since i'm a newbie we had
not interacted on
the list, but this seems like a close community.
My condolences to those who knew him.


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