Replacing CGT Windshield DIY

cobram at cobram at
Fri Aug 4 12:20:22 EDT 2006

I missed the leading edge of this thread, but if you're looking for
something to lube rubber, nothing works better than silicone, pure
silicone.  You can't always find it at auto parts stores  (they sell
"silicone lubricants", not the same thing), but you can usually pick up a
spray can of unmixed silicone at any decent electrical supply house. 
When you're done, the silicone gets absorbed by the rubber, no residue to
remove, and it extends the life of the rubber too.

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David Kase <davekase at> writes:
> salt?  I am not sure but worth checking out.  Maybe another soap 
> would 
> work.  Soap will eventually wash out.  Can you imagine spending the 
> next 
> couple years trying to get grease off the windshield?  Just when you 


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