Replacing CGT Windshield DIY

David Kase davekase at
Fri Aug 4 12:29:50 EDT 2006

LOL, interesting info.

damn Canadians...   ;-)

Geraint Lloyd wrote:

>Fair enough about the grease
> i have used it in the past, but i'm not one for very
>shiny cars as the
>other montreal listers will probably confirm.
>I also come from climes where grease doesn't melt that
>easily and there
>is plenty of atmospheric water to wash it off!
>On a rally recently with Brady_zq navigating for me,
>we went through a
>bot of forest and there were so may bugs in the air, i
>thought it was
>I hit the screen wash and brady's comment on the
>results of me trying to
>clean the screen was
>"Ah! you still have winter screen wash in this then"
>WTF? I never realised that screenwash was seasonal.
>As for the salt, it's something I heard a while ago in
>the UK from a
>doctor in casualty following an incident in the Scouts
>with a bottle of
>Fairy Liquid dish washing soap.
>'nuff said about that though
>it may be an "old wives tale" or no longer true. I
>really don't know
>A stranger in a strange land

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