V8 bumpers on a 200? doable?

DeWitt Harrison six-rs at comcast.net
Fri Aug 4 17:47:55 EDT 2006

On Fri, 4 Aug 2006 12:12:10 EDT
         JordanVw at aol.com wrote:

> > Yes doable - with the addition of the hood, clip, fenders and lights, it
> > will match up beautifully.
> >
> well, i just want to swap the bumpers...  can i just put the V8 bumpers on
> 200 without swapping anything else?  i dont want the V8 headlights,
> fenders or hood.  just the V8 bumpers...

Hi Chris.

If aesthetics (there's that word again) doesn't matter, then maybe.
But having finally figured out how to install Euro bumpers on a
5000, I would bet that the probability of things not going well is
high. For example, with the different grill and fender design of the
V8, Audi could have easily changed the vertical location of the bumper
by 1/4" in a bad direction. It seems to me that Audi doesn't hesitate
to re-engineer all kinds of stuff at the drop of a hat. Anyway, sorry,
I have no btdt. Just don't depend on having no problem.

Actually, I find it very interesting to look at the evolution of the
type 44s and then on into the urS4/S6. The engineers would build on
the previous platform in clever ways. For example, they figured
out the cooling layout in the 5000CS/200 was not going to be able
to support a more powerful engine and so added the aux radiator and
then, with the urS4, they changed the entire configuration so as to
make cooling a higher priority than inter-cooling. Yet everything
under the hood on all these cars looks remarkably familiar. Those
guys are always busy, I would say.

DeWitt Harrison
'88 5kcstq

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