'88 5000S Auto FS; Any Buyer Beware?

George Tur getur at optonline.net
Sat Aug 5 10:57:14 EDT 2006

On Saturday 05 August 2006 05:16, Doyt W. Echelberger wrote:
> Marginal/feeble stock headlights and overloaded switching circuits prone to
> heat failure.
> Multi-function switch on steering column fails about now....turn signals,
> headlights, etc.
> Headliner sag, sunroof seal leakage and failure.
> Electric window regulator failure, window switch failure, wiring cable
> breaks at door hinges, especially driver door.
> Door handle failure
> *Air conditioner/heat & ventilation control failure of many varieties,
> including blower motor replacement.
> Need to switch to R-134a, from Freon.
> Speedometer failure past 100k miles
> Hydraulic accumulator & hose failure
> *Steering rack seal failure and chronic leakage
> Steering pump failure
> Alternator failure
> Timing belt replacement every 60-90k miles
> Water pump and idler bearing replacement at same time
> Fuel pump failure
> *Corrosion and leakage of the brake and fuel lines, gas tank, fuel pressure
> accumulator
>     and brake proportioning valve.
> Corrosion and lock-up of the brake calipers
> Swelling and blockage of the flexible hydraulic brake lines
> *Corrosion and failure of the ABS sensor system/CV joint cogs
> Microfracture of solder joints in the throttle switch
> *Failure of all the rubber components of the cooling system and engine
> vacuum system
> Idle stabilization valve fouling/failure
> Fuel Injector varnish/tip wear with eventual spray pattern failure and
> leakage Ignition wire electrical leakage
> Oxygen sensor deterioration/failure associated with starting and runn9ing
> problems
> Distributor cap contamination/misalignment/loose wires
> Snapping of the attachments of the hood release cable/failure to open hood
> *Age-related failure of engine timing/crank position sensors looking at
> flywheel pegs
> *Unexplained and mysterious shut down of engine and failure to start and
> restart hot
> *Complete replacement of entire exhaust system, especially in the salt
> belt.
Wow, that list is almost an exact match for the work my son has put into our 
old 87 5ktq over the past 5 years. You should add the radiator, coolant 
overflow tank, cracked exhaust manifold, and shocks and struts.

George Tur
91 V8

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