Somewhat less of a quandary now...88 5ksq Thread

George Butler george.butler2 at
Sat Aug 5 15:51:10 EDT 2006

Hello all, 


Up until the "Re: '88 5000S Auto FS; Any Buyer Beware?" thread I was in the
process of making a tough decision.  I've been driving a very reliable
(blatant attempt to incite the Audi gods ;-) 84 4KSQ for about 10 years now
and the odometer just passed 200K miles.  I've put a reasonable amount of
money, sweat, and vulgarities into it. and I love it to death.  


I inherited my son's 88 5KSQ when he moved on to another vehicle.  In the
few years he owned it the engine blew, and a few door handles went as did a
number of other things. I'll admit though that we got what we paid for.
After recently deciding to make a project out of the 88 5KSQ I sat down and
totaled the cost of parts required to "do it right" and gagged when the
parts passed the 3K$ mark.  Like a lot of other listers I started thinking
that I might address the restoration in phases, or sell the 84 4KSQ to
finance a piece of the effort as well as entertaining a number of other
fantasies relative to justifying the cost of the 88 5KSQ project.  I then
had to assess what I'd end-up with at the end of the journey. I'd have an
(apparently unsafe relative to crash test results) 18 year-old luxury car
that gets 24MPG.with a lot of new parts.  It's time to let go..


I will concur with Huw relative to the type 44's being expensive cars that
occasionally require expensive repairs.  In this case though I think I'll
keep my focus on my 84 4KSQ. I don't have the time or the resources to part
out the' 88, so I think I'll just put it up for sale as is.  I'll be sad to
see it go,  but I think that I can get several hundred dollars for it.maybe
it's time for that rear sway bar for the '84 (unsafe or not)!


Have a nice weekend.






George B.


84 4KSQ

88 5KSQ..for a while


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