Making the bumpers black again...

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Sat Aug 5 22:39:56 EDT 2006

Who makes "Black Magic"? I goggled it and saw everything but something for a
car. Looks like a good cake and an old song, is most popular.
Al Streicher

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I've always used "Black Magic" but the Mother's product also works well.
Anything you do isn't permanent... they all require reapplications.  I
especially like to show people that "Black Magic" is actually white in
color.  =)

I've heard SOME places used tire paint.  Tire stores use tire paint to make
all of the display tires look shiny and bright.  I've never used it, just
throwing it out because I've heard it works.  I might go try some on an old
GTi wheel arch and leave it outside the rest of the summer.

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