What keeps Audi out of Formula one?

Al Streicher streichea001 at hawaii.rr.com
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Thanks Cody, well said. I agree most of the US doesn't know about F1, but I
get tired of the "oval" track mentality. I really enjoyed NASCAR in the
'60-'70s era, but then they had to go and change the rules, small engines,
restrictor plates, etc. Then there was the "Race of Champions", a bunch of
cloned cars who could barely pass one another. I hope F1's rule changing
doesn't ruin it. Drag racing, still great!

Al Streicher
Mililani, HI

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Al Streicher wrote:
> I enjoy Formula One racing and have often wondered why no Audi
> chassis or engines? BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, etc. but no Audis.
> Al Streicher
> Mililani, HI
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Well to start with you can't just decide you want to be in F1. You have to
pay millions of dollars to be CONSIDERED by the FIA. Thats just the
application. Then if your app goes through theres tens of millions to be
paid out in fees. Then you have to design and build a car, which is going to
run waaaay into the hundreds of millions. Then you have to accept being
laughed at for a few years because you are going to be a backmarker, and you
are going to spend about $500 million per season to finish last and second
to last. After a few years of experiance you may be able to start moving to
the front of the pack, as toyota has recently done.

If you remember a few years ago when Toyota was joining in they failed to be
ready for the season in which they were supposed to start and the FIA finned
them in the $100 million range for not showing up to race.

Ok so we have determined that F1 is expensive. Now we must consider Audi's
return on the investment. Thier US sales will not matter, because only a
small portion of the US population even knows what F1 is. In the ROW market
people will see Audi's total failure during thier first few seasons and
scoff at thier "Vorsrung durch Technik" since thier "advanced technology" is
failing them on the track. Then after a few years people see them going
towards the front and then just can't see how F1 relates to thier road cars.
The rules are so strict that new technologies that Audi can experiment with
are or would be banned.

With the R8 and R10 programs they had a market for displaying technology
that was actually going into thier road cars. The R8 demonstrated FSI in a
wonderfull dominating way. This spins to "hey if FSI dominated racing, then
it should dominate on the street too!". The R10 is now the powerhouse
showcase for Audi's TDI technology, which is going to sell ALOT of cars when
the new models hit US shores. The US vision of diesel is loud, slow, smelly,
and smokey. TDI's are not well nkown in the US, so the R10 program is here
to promote the TDI and prove that not only can diesels be fast, but they can
be quiet and not make smoke screens.

-Cody Forbes
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