Quattro left me sit, won't go into drive

Tony Urban tony at crazyralph.com
Sat Aug 5 23:26:44 EDT 2006

Hi everyone,

I was on my way to a wedding today when I stopped at a store to call for
directions.  When I got back in the car and started it up, my car
wouldn't shift into drive.  It would go into reverse (and indeed back
up) but no matter how many times I tried to "shift", it stayed in
reverse.  It would shift back into neutral and park, but there was no
way it was going into drive (or 3, 2 or 1 for that matter).  Needless to
say, my car is still sitting there, 50 miles from home, and I'm
wondering what to do.

Does anyone know what the problem likely is?  Is it my transmission?  It
drove great on the drive before that, easily climbing steeps hills and
automatically changing gears perfectly - no hesitation whatsoever.

Am I screwed?  Lay it on my guys.



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