Communist Audis!

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My experience with dies, machinery, etc. is limited;  however, I think
stamping dies "wear out" and have to be replaced often to keep the form,
fit, and funtion acceptable.  That applies in spades to the body
I suspect that the Chinese "went to school" on this technology transfer
the result is in the cars that they're marketing outside of China.


Jim Jordan 

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>> HST, I wonder how the "Chinese Copy" of the Audis came out?  
>As someone else mentioned, these were NOT copies, but cars 
>made from the original stampings etc. supplied in a 
>partnership with Audi/VW.  Not a bad deal for Audi/VW, instead 
>of scrapping the tired dies, machinery etc.
>lease/sell it to the Chinese.  Most manufacturers do this, not 
>just auto makers either.  
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