NAC except implied copying and theft - nee communist audis

Jim Jordan j8k3sp00n at
Sun Aug 6 16:37:13 EDT 2006

Can't help but respond to this one.  PRC achieved a step function
improvement in their Center of Error Probability, CEP, a little over 20
years ago.  More and better research?  No.  Good old Bernie Schwartz,
President of Loral, presented them with the technology on a silver platter
as part of a business deal.  Does it matter a great deal if a thermo nuclear
device explodes 1,000 meters away or 10,000?  Not really;  however, by
improving CEP, one can reduce the size and weight of guidance systems making
interesting devices like multiple inflight reprogrammable vehicles, MIRV's,
imminently possible.  
If you want to sleep better tonight, consider that the same technology has
proliferated to North Korea, Pakistan, thence to Iran, etc.  However, one
interesting note.  The North Koreans have been strangely silent since their
long range missile test failed in mid air.  Imagine that.  Jung, the famous
psychologist, postulates that their are no coincidences;  I agree.
The Russians got lots of press due to relocating their San Francisco embassy
to a vantage point that had line of sight over much of the Santa Clara
Valley, Silicon Valley.  Why?  So their monitoring equipment could record as
much of the communications as they could get.  Their technology got better
faster after that.
Does anybody bitch about the Russians, and their successors, violating their
privacy?  Not a lot that I hear and see.
Hello World!  Where's the Partridge Family when we need them?
Jim Jordan

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