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Sun Aug 6 16:44:30 EDT 2006

NAC:  My dad worked on the Poseidon Missile Guidance System at MIT Lincoln
and people like Bernie Schwartz should be trotted out the back door and
shot, period.

I have a lot of other things to say on this subject, but you're going to
have to wait until comes back online tomorrow.



On 8/6/06, Jim Jordan <j8k3sp00n at> wrote:
>  Hi,
> Can't help but respond to this one.  PRC achieved a step function
> improvement in their Center of Error Probability, CEP, a little over 20
> years ago.  More and better research?  No.  Good old Bernie Schwartz,
> President of Loral, presented them with the technology on a silver platter
> as part of a business deal.  Does it matter a great deal if a thermo nuclear
> device explodes 1,000 meters away or 10,000?  Not really;  however, by
> improving CEP, one can reduce the size and weight of guidance systems making
> interesting devices like multiple inflight reprogrammable vehicles, MIRV's,
> imminently possible.
> If you want to sleep better tonight, consider that the same technology
> has proliferated to North Korea, Pakistan, thence to Iran, etc.  However,
> one interesting note.  The North Koreans have been strangely silent since
> their long range missile test failed in mid air.  Imagine that.  Jung, the
> famous psychologist, postulates that their are no coincidences;  I agree.
> The Russians got lots of press due to relocating their San Francisco
> embassy to a vantage point that had line of sight over much of the Santa
> Clara Valley, Silicon Valley.  Why?  So their monitoring equipment could
> record as much of the communications as they could get.  Their technology
> got better faster after that.
> Does anybody bitch about the Russians, and their successors, violating
> their privacy?  Not a lot that I hear and see.
> Hello World!  Where's the Partridge Family when we need them?
> Cheers!
> Jim Jordan

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