AC Issues

Huw Powell audi at
Sun Aug 6 22:30:48 EDT 2006

>>>>* He's *cough* wondering what the downside is....?*
> **
> Thanks for the link to the story.  I never said the stuff wasn't flammable,
> and neither does ES.  Obviously there is a risk involved, and I'll be
> interested to see the next article in Cool Profit$ (I have no affiliation
> with them.)

I guess either I never saw what started this thread, or it was on 
another list to start with.  Didn't realize it was about whether it was 
ok to use this "stuff" or not.

But that "story" was not a condemnation of whatever the guy was using 
for AC refrigerant, it was an indictment of sloppy mechanical work - 
trying to use/accepting a hose that didn't fit, and then trying to 
kludge it out of harm's way with zip ties.

Huw Powell

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