Gonna do the drive - road report

Tom Winter tom at freeskier.com
Mon Aug 7 13:18:48 EDT 2006

As many of you know, I purchased a '95 S6 avant over the 'net. The car was
located in Vermont and I am located in Colorado. After looking at all my
options, I booked a flight to Burlington, VT, arrived at 11:00 pm local time
on Friday. The car was waiting for me in the airport parking lot exactly as
promised. I hopped in, and proceeded to do a 2-day Blitz across the
heartland, via HWYs 87, 88, 90, 55, 80 and 76 into Denver.

Here's how the trip broke down:

ZERO ‹ Speeding tickets.
TWO ‹  Audi Allroads spotted on trip.
THREE ‹ Stink eyes from state troopers (on all occasions I was 6-8mph over
the limit and they waited for bigger fish).
TWO ‹ Nights sleeping in the back of the car.
$TWENTY$ ‹ The cost of a beer on State Street in Chicago ($15 for parking,
$5 for the beer)
FIVE ‹ Times I hit 100mph or more.
NINE ‹ States visited.
HUNDREDS ‹ Of fat people in the Heartland
BILLIONS ‹ Of wildflowers along the highway in New York.
ONE ‹ State Trooper heading west in front of me on the toll road (HWY80/90)
through Indiana at 70mph who suddenly veered off into the median, did a full
sideways slide across the grass (kicking up bits of mud and dirt) and then
whipped out into the eastbound lane lights a blazing. I never did see his
brake lights go on and he didn't hardly slow down at all.

Many thanks to everyone who made suggestions and offered assistance.

In love with the new S6

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