80 FWD Rear End on '84 CGT?

Huw Powell audi at humanspeakers.com
Mon Aug 7 13:43:16 EDT 2006

> Looked in the FA and archives and don't seem to find much on rear end
> upgrades for early '84 CGT. I am looking to upgrade my rear end
> brakes to disk and 4x108 hubs. Any info or BTDT would be of great
> help.

I believe that rear axle can be used, from what I have read long ago. 
Also, the 87.5 coupe axle will work (comes with discs, 4 x 108).

I think you need the axle, not just the hub stub things.  Some big 
awkward bolts to undo, but not a big deal, really.  Lets you replace the 
trailing arm & panhard rod bushings.  You'll probably need to use the 
disc brake proportioning valve from the donor axle.

> Also conversion of front 4x100 to 4x108 would go along with
> upgrade.

Any 85-87 coupe or 4kq strut housings will have the hub you need.  You 
can swap the entire housing if you want.  I may have a few sets lying 
around if I didn't scrap them...

I believe the '84 already has the larger diameter rotor, and the caliper 
should accomodate the thicker 85-87 rotor with the right pads.  If not, 
get the parts from the same donor vehicle.

Huw Powell



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