Unintended Acceleration - really happens

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In the 80s most of the UA was found to be driver error. The accelerator 
pedal was usually found twisted. The driver was stepping on the gas thinking 
it was the brake.
I was working at a VW/Honda/Volvo dealership. The Quantum was considered 
suspect due to the problems with the Audi.
I had a bit of UA in my 92 Jetta. It turned out that the accelerator linkage 
needed a clean and lube. The older cars can definitely find unique ways to 
have UA.
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> Hi,
> I was the driver during unintended acceleration of my 5KT with over 
> 334,000
> miles on it this morning.  I mocked and scoffed at claims of it until now.
> It happened after I drove about 5 miles on a freeway at moderate speeds,
> turned onto an 8 lane boulevard, Laguna Blvd in Elk Grove, got off at the
> wrong place, did a U turn, got back on the boulevard, and the UA started.
> Traffic was light fortunately, I was able to break enough to make a right
> turn at the the next light, then into a large parking lot which was mostly
> empty.  I drove to an isolated spot, pulled into a parking place, popped 
> the
> gear shift out of "D" into "P" almost simultaneously turning off the
> ignition.  The revs built like crazy in the split second between getting
> into "P" and ignition off.  It was marginal if the brakes would have
> completely stopped it if I really had to come to a full stop.
> It was unnerving to say the least.  I immediately opened the hood/bonnet,
> checked the throttle rod, throttle position, cruise control rod, and 
> tranny
> to throttle rods.  All were in their normal stopped positions.  I had not
> used the cruise control at all this morning.
> The most probable cause is that I used Gunk engine cleaner on the engine
> yesterday and sprayed it off;  maybe I didn't dry it out completely and a
> linkage bound up temporarily.
> After the incident, I did my errands without further problems.  However, I
> can see how an inexperienced or panicky driver might have had a problem 
> with
> the UA.  I can conjure up images in my mind of someone going about 100 mph
> down Laguna Blvd, dodging in and out of traffic.  Couldn't wait for the 
> gas
> to run out;  the tank was just filled.  Yahooooooooo!
> So there, now I've had my UA incident.
> Cheers!
> Jim Jordan
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