Unintended Acceleration - really happens

John Cody Forbes cody at 5000tq.com
Mon Aug 7 22:58:10 EDT 2006

DeWitt Harrison wrote:
> I also had a colleague at work shoot across a busy intersection (yes,
> there was a very bad accident) because he confused the brake and
> accelerator pedals in an automatic tranny car. It makes me crazy when
> I'm behind a driver who obviously has the left foot on the brake and
> the right foot on the accelerator. Cars should be designed to shock
> the shit out of anyone who puts both feet on those pedals
> simultaneously.
> I don't know what it is about American drivers. European drivers would
> be immediately executed at the side of the road for such stupidity.

You mean people like Schuey, David Coulthard, Fernando Alonso, etc?

What you neglect to take into effect is that it's stupid people who aren't 
USED TO left foot braking that get themselfves and others hurt. I grew up 
racing karts (won a championship my rookie year I might add), and to me left 
foot braking is second nature. If there are two pedals I occupy them both. 
If there are 3 the center one gets used by either foot in certain 
situations. My reaction time when only using one foot is terribly bad 
because it is 100% un-natural for me.

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