NAC: Acura Integra questions

cobram at cobram at
Tue Aug 8 01:48:48 EDT 2006

Do a dry and wet compression test, it'll tell you if the problem lies in
the valves or the piston.

Is it blowing white smoke?  Abnormally high pressure in cooling system
cold?  Coolant mixed in oil or vice versa? Cylinder next to dead cylinder
compression readings strange/off too?  Any of these point to the head

Are all the cylinders affected?  If not timing belt is probably OK.

FWIW, over rev like you described I'd bet a valve or two kissed the

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<mboucher70 at> writes:

> OBD readout, anyone care to hazzard guesses as to the likely 
> possible 
> causes, ie
> blown head gasket
> intake or exaust valves shot, not seating,
> piston rings blown
> timing belt slipped

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