Unintended Acceleration - really happens

DeWitt Harrison six-rs at comcast.net
Tue Aug 8 12:20:12 EDT 2006

Clearly racers and heavy equipment operators should be
exempted from summary execution.


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> DeWitt Harrison wrote:
> > I also had a colleague at work shoot across a busy intersection (yes,
> > there was a very bad accident) because he confused the brake and
> > accelerator pedals in an automatic tranny car. It makes me crazy when
> > I'm behind a driver who obviously has the left foot on the brake and
> > the right foot on the accelerator. Cars should be designed to shock
> > the shit out of anyone who puts both feet on those pedals
> > simultaneously.
> > I don't know what it is about American drivers. European drivers would
> > be immediately executed at the side of the road for such stupidity.
> You mean people like Schuey, David Coulthard, Fernando Alonso, etc?
> What you neglect to take into effect is that it's stupid people who aren't
> USED TO left foot braking that get themselfves and others hurt. I grew up
> racing karts (won a championship my rookie year I might add), and to me
> foot braking is second nature. If there are two pedals I occupy them both.
> If there are 3 the center one gets used by either foot in certain
> situations. My reaction time when only using one foot is terribly bad
> because it is 100% un-natural for me.
> -Cody Forbes

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