'88 5000S Auto FS; Any Buyer Beware?

L DC ldc007usa at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 8 12:28:02 EDT 2006

As many have pointed out in the past, when considering
a purchase of these old, fine machines one must be
ready to get the hands dirty to fix existing and/or
future problems or know someone who really knows;
otherwise, don't bother getting into it.

Thanks to this and the QSW lister site, and the
Bentley of course, I was able to do the cylinder head
rebuilt in my '87 QSW and the clutch job (still in
progress) in my '85 QSW. Now, I just about know how to
fix anything in these.

I spent about $700 in the rebuilt and parts and the
car is good to go for another 100k miles, easy. Every
hose, every gasket brand new. The clutch job,
meanwhile, should run me about $300 bucks. A grand to
have 2 cars in top running shape, not bad!!

Yes, it took some sweat and labor and complaining by
my wife about my time spent on the cars, but it sure
is worth it for it keeps me in shape and saves me

No car payments to worry about here either :)

--- Al Streicher <streichea001 at hawaii.rr.com> wrote:

> I have a 1990 80 non-q. When I bought it in 1999, it
> had it's mechanical problem. I rebuilt the engine, 
> lower half. New transmission/Diff. New front
> axels. Now I have a fairly dependable car. Recently
> I added a new fuel pump, fuel accumulator, filter.
> I figure that even if I spend $1000 a year on this
> and that, I am still ahead of making new car 
> payments and I KNOW what I have and what's been
> replaced.
> Al Streicher
> Mililani, HI

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