Unintended Acceleration - Stopping in traffic, real traffic - Cabin John Bridge over the Potomac

Jim Jordan j8k3sp00n at gmail.com
Tue Aug 8 13:40:10 EDT 2006


One more little item about shutting down a UA engine in traffic.  The same
car I have now once stalled in the middle of the Cabin John Bridge on I495
where it crosses the Potomac in morning rush hour traffic.  The idle
stabilizer failed for the nth time.  I was very red face, stopped, lifted
the hood, bypassed the idle stabilizer, restarted and drove on.  It only
took about 50 more miles up I495/I95 for me to lose all who had yelled,
screamed, and flipped off me.

One more reason why I was reluctant to kill my engine on an 8 lane


Jim Jordan 

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>I once had an incident of UA on my '87 VW Quantum Syncro in 
>stop and go traffic in the highway some 3 years ago.
>As I shifted into first and revved the engine to about 3K RPMs 
>and shifted again into second, the revs just stayed there. I 
>immediately put it into neutral and stopped the vehicle 
>followed by shutting down the engine right in the middle of 
>the road (I could fo that since its was a stop an go traffic anyway).

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