Unintended Acceleration - This is as good a place to start as any

Jim Jordan j8k3sp00n at gmail.com
Tue Aug 8 13:27:05 EDT 2006


Huw is correct, brake boost fades quickly with applied brakes because my car
is a -_Type_43_ that draws brake boost from the intake manifold.  There is
no multipurpose hydraulic pump.  

I've been driving freeways since the very first freeways in LA, like the
Harbor, Santa Ana, Hollywood, and Pasadena.  Two feet driving even with an
automatic is second nature for me because of that.  I know all the driving
schools and experts differ from that point of view.  It has worked well for
me.  My only fear of accidents was from being able to stop too quickly for
the one footer driving behind me.  Obviously, there are exceptions to every

BTW, I don't "ride the clutch", when I drive a manual shift, or the brake
when I drive an automatic.  On my car, the brake lights come on with very
light pressure.

Shutting down the ignition will stop the engine real quick.  Problem is, I
am very reluctant to do that on an 8 lane boulevard like Laguna.  Might be a
one footed braker following, know what I mean?  I got enough braking to get
the car to a place where it was safe to shut down.

If I had been on a skid pad or a track, I could have done some more
leisurely tests, but my primary objective was to get the hell out of the way
before some damage was done.  

I'm well aware of the original UA complaints against Audis, but upon further
examination I found that there have been many complaints filed against a
broad spectrum of vehicles in addition to Audi.  Most were found to be
operator error.  

What happened to me seems similar to the 3000 RPM idle speed after my tranny
was changed some years back.  The push rod from the transmission to the
accelerator linkage had not been properly adjusted;  once it was, everything
was fine.  Somehow, the clamping bolt may have come loose, or ???  I'll be
looking today.

Thanks for all the responses.


Jim Jordan

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