Unintended Acceleration - This is as good a place to start as any

Huw Powell audi at humanspeakers.com
Wed Aug 9 13:19:08 EDT 2006

> I thought that the steering lock only engaged when you
> took the key out
> of the lock after shutting down.
> I could be wrong so try it out in your drive before
> doing it on the highway.

I think my '89 90Q is like that - there is a strong "clunk" when the key 
is finally pulled out.  I think my '82 coupe can lock up once the key os 
"off," though.  One thing is that since the wheel lock is made to 
actuate "off center", if you're going straight it stays slightly 
steerable.  Unless you turn the wheel a bit more...

That said, I have turned off engines "on the road" and turned the key 
back on (to restart?) with no problem, but only in pretty much straight 
line driving with no traffic/road complications in sight.

Still, the basic UA type incident rule is to use the brakes to get 
slowed down and somewhere safe, then turn off the engine.  Turning off 
the engine at speed, with manouvering ahead, just messes up too many 
things you are used to having - like power steering, brakes, etc.

Huw Powell



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