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I own 2 VW Quantum Syncro s an ’85 and an 87 know as
QSW with a 5 cylinder, 2.2, 10V engine. 

According to the listers’ website, approximately 3000
QSWs were imported into the US between ’84 and ’89  

 In Europe the same car was marketed as the Passat
Syncro, while in other parts of the world were sold
under a different name as well as other engine
options. The AWD were only offered in the wagon

As Huw pointed out, there were also wagon versions
with 5 cylinder non Quattro version, FWD, and I
believe also as a four can. 

In the sedan version, they were sold with the 5
cylinder and 4 cylinder cans as well as a turbo
charged diesel version, very rare.  A version of the
latter in the sedan model and in decent shape recently
sold on e-Bay for more then $6500. 

The following are pictures of my ’85, of which about
150 were shipped into the US. I’m in the process of
R&R a clutch kit, along with new rubber hoses and
seals as well as engine painting and detailing while
I’m there.




The picture below is that of another QSW just like my
’87 red one, which happens to be my daily driver and
driven 110 miles round trip six days per week. I just
put 1100 on a rebuilt cylinder head and as you would
guess, yes I did paint the engine and replaced every
seal and rubber hose under the hood.


Here’s a picture of another with nicer rims.


A few people have swapped the 5KTQ engine into the
QSW, just like these fellow listers:


This last one, as I understand, kicks ass!!!


More of the same:


-Best regards,


--- John Lagnese <jlagnese at massed.net> wrote:

> I tried to find a decent one a number of times. I
> never found a decent one while in the market. It was

> VW's top of the line at the time. Nice rigs. It
> shared a number of parts with the Scirocco. I also
> have a scirocco. That is another reason I was
> looking for the. They were made in Germany as well,
> unlike most Golf and Jettas of the same time.
> John

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