SS line failures yet again

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Sun Aug 13 13:33:30 EDT 2006

Scott and Brett,
I beg to differ with my personal friends.

The DOT doesn't "approve" lines.  Manufactures can manufacture them to "DOT
compliant" standards (actually the document covers all automotive
brake hoses and construction and is: FMVSS106).

In your failure, it appears to be a mechanical failure of the crimp, not the
hose.  Furthermore, the plastic outer sheath shows (long term) signs of an
area where the sheath wasn't properly covering and protecting the stainless
line.  This is critical, as the purpose of the outer sheath and plastic over
mold stops particulates from getting though the stainless weave and causing
abrasion between the teflon and the stainless.

In the past, I've seen a Japanese tuner company market non-covered stainless
steel braided brake lines.  I refused to install them.

The emphasis should be on careful inspection as opposed to fear of a
methodology.  With proper inspection, and a properly constructed hose,
there's simply no reason stainless hoses can't be used on the street.
Admittedly, stainless hoses are more complex than rubber-based hoses, and
require closer inspection because of this.

If the hose is in properly constructed and in tact, particulates and salt
can't, by definition, chafe or weaken the line.

Mark Rosenkrantz

On 8/13/06, SuffolkD at <SuffolkD at> wrote:
> Most SS lines aren't D.O.T approved.
> I take Brett's concern as somewhat valid given that most racers using SS
> lines are either replacing them frequently, and are not used in urban
> street
> environments where pot holes, debris, dirt and salt in winter chaffes and
> "weakens"
> the lines.
> These let go during a track event, on a street car.
> If you can find SS D.O.T approved lines....go for it.
> If you go SS on a street car, cavetat emptor
> Like every component on your braking system, regualrly inspect the
> components.
> -Scott by BOSTON
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