Radar guns quattro Digest, Vol 34, Issue 37

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Mon Aug 14 10:18:58 EDT 2006

Damn, at 60 MPH (88 ft/sec) that's all of 2.27 sec of timing. Given that the
average TEENAGE reaction time is no better than 0.2 seconds (verified by
student labs I've done over the last 15 yrs over and over again, so, about
900 students, I think an adequate sample based off of my old stats'
classes), there's easily a potential error at highway speeds of nearly 10%,
worse for around town speeds. What a SCAM!!!!


On 8/12/06, SuffolkD at aol.com <SuffolkD at aol.com> wrote:
> Taka:
> PA seems to indeed do there own brand of justice.
> Its also a state where SP can use what town municipalities can't.
> I heard alot about VASCAR and other similar timing systems, which are
> simple
> time & distance calculators.............
> The minimum distance recommended by one manufacturer is 200 feet.
> Good info to know............
> -Scott by BOSTON

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