Radar guns

Lee Levitt lee at wheelman.com
Mon Aug 14 15:52:02 EDT 2006

Huw asks:

> Yes, but... doesn't any given "operator" exhibit the same error 
> at both ends of the measurement?

You'd think this might be the case, but the operator is a human, 
and as you note, there may be a donut and coffee involved.

Or there may be an unconscious (or conscious!) late start/early 
finish reaction, which would also increase calculate speed.

Then there's the operator's perspective of the road. I'd expect to 
get different readings based on whether the operator is located 
ahead of the marked interval, along the interval or behind the 

Almost as dodgy as the radar gun which can be tricked to calculate 
fixed objects at 30 mph by simply waving the gun as the reading is 
being taken.


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