a new arrival

Brett Dikeman brett at cloud9.net
Mon Aug 14 20:08:00 EDT 2006

Well, it's (apparently- I have been kept out of the loop) official-  
the folks are picking up a shiny new A6 3.2 Real Soon Now.  I was  
steering them towards an A3, and there has been no explanation yet as  
to why they went for the A6; it met most of the 'primary' driver's  
criteria (wagon/practical, sporty, perfect for someone who 'misses a  
manual' but has joint pain, etc.)

Let the adventure begin- this is the first new Audi in the family in  
almost exactly twenty years.  Hopefully it will be smoother than the  
5kCST that lasted about 10 years, but did so only because of fairly  
regular trips to the mechanic.  There wasn't a hose or rubber bit on  
that car that was original, by the time it went off to charity (when  
it failed emissions.)

Any fun things I can annoy my folks with, using VAG-COM? More  
seriously, are there any useful 'tweaks'?  I think the first tweak  
would be setting it BACK to only having a driver's side rear fog  
light, since apparently Audi has been shipping cars illegally in the  
US with both lights enabled because of customer complaints...and I do  
remember that the tail-lights are programmed for a set region...


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