85 4kq intermittent loss of electrical power

Ado Sigal a.sigal at bluewin.ch
Tue Aug 15 11:40:50 EDT 2006

Cut the slots into those screws and unscrew them with flat screwdriver. 
Use regular hex to assemble, or get a set of proper screws with snap of 
heads (OM or locksmith).

HTH, Ado

thorkq wrote:

>Thanks for all the help. I decided to replace the ignition switch,
>which arrived today. From reading the Bently I expected to be able to
>get the new switch in relatively easy, but I couldn't get the steering
>lock assembly off. The steering lock assembly moves a little bit when
>I pull it, but mostly the whole column tube moves up and down. I ran
>out of time so for now, until i have more time to work on the car
>(next weekend probably), the new ignition switch is hooked up, hanging
>there but i have to turn it with a screwdriver. I haven't driven it
>enough to tell if it fixed the problem.
>So does anybody have any tips on getting the steering lock assembly off?
>Once again, thanks for the help.
>Thor Heglund
>85 4kq

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