Type 44 Exhaust Flange Replacment?????

Ado Sigal a.sigal at bluewin.ch
Tue Aug 15 12:31:27 EDT 2006

Can get flanges and cat replacement pipes from racing hardware stores 
(online), or exhaust shops and aftermarket exh. makers to make you only 
the part you need. Cut and weld the piece. Make sure to make that joint 
flexible by using springs and washers from S2 flange, with longer  bolts 
to match.



Sonar465 at aol.com wrote:

>Good Day All,
>Well it has happened again. I have owned three Type 44's and now all three  
>have suffered the exact same issue.  The flange that connects the exhaust  to 
>the catalytic converter corrodes and lets go (on the exhaust side).  In  the 
>past I had a good buddy that had a awesome set of tools and I was able to  
>fashion and new , two piece, flange out of some steel sheet.  I have since  moved 
>and no longer have access to all of his great tools.  I would rather  buy 
>something off the shelf then have too ask a metal shop to make  something up so I 
>am wondering if anyone knows of a place that would have a  two piece 
>replacement exhaust flange?   
>'89 200q (open exhaust :-)

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