Type 44 Exhaust Flange Replacment?????

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Tue Aug 15 13:30:51 EDT 2006

> From: Sonar465 at aol.com
> Subject: Type 44 Exhaust Flange Replacment?????
  The flange that connects the exhaust  to
> the catalytic converter corrodes and lets go (on the exhaust side).

You are looking for a 3 hole Split Flange. Should be a standard item in most
Auto shops. I get mine from RPM in Byram, NJ . . . my supplier for all parts
Chris Semple at  www.force5auto.com   should have these in stock.

I'm sending you a pix of the flange, which I just happen to have in hand,

3 hole split Flange looks like this >
According to my measurements:
Inside diameter is 2 5/16"
Hole spacing is not symmetrical - it's  3 3/16" center to center for bottom
2 holes, and 3 1/16 from top hole to either side hole.

These 2 part split flanges are made of plain steel . .which rust into
oblivion in 2 years or less.

A better flange would be something like this >
made in Stainless Steel. Yeah, I also have Huw's "Stainless Steel fetish".

I'm looking for a 4 hole split flange for the end of the downpipe. Mine is
rusted to hell and is just a fraction of its original thickness. Its not
sealing well and I suspect this is why my O2 sensor dont work at RPM's lower
than 2500. Air is getting in and the sensor thinks engine is running lean.

I cant find a split 4 hole flange anywhere on the net. Anybody have a

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