Radar guns

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Wed Aug 16 09:35:49 EDT 2006

... all around the San Francisco Bay Area too ... I live in the "South Bay" 
and there were two municipalities who embraced the new "safety technology" 
... Los Gatos and Campbell.  I made a decision that if they felt this was 
appropriate then I didn't need to visit them for any business.  Over the 
years use has increased and even San Jose has a "Traffic Calming" program 
which employs a van with RADAR and cameras (that get pix of both front and 
back of the vehicle).  Since I live and work in SJ unfortunately I can't 
apply the earlier shopping discretion.

One of the drivers in the house other than me recently got a letter from the 
Arizona company that provides the service to our fair city (another pet 
peeve) ... and as far as I know the citation is just as valid as if it were 
from an REO sitting on his motorcycle.  To add insult to injury, they don't 
send you pictures any more ... you have to make an appointment to view them 
downtown ... bet that reduces the contest rate!  My neighbor got a similar 
letter in the mail, but it was suspicious so he did go to review ... sure 
enough it was not him or his car!  I don't remember the details, but I think 
they misread the plate ...

In San Jose the rules for using the system are somewhat restrictive ... they 
can't employ the van on roads where the speed limit is over 30MPH.

Our area is also home to a high number of "red light" cams ... some of which 
were challenged and the city was found to be timing yellow light durations 
inappropriately ...

Remember, it is *all* about safety ...

Steve B
San Jose, CA (USA)
>> "Speed cameras are not used anywhere in the US, to the best of my?
>> knowledge."?
> There are vans in Boulder, Co equipped with photo radar. They park on
> selected streets (usually in residential areas) and take your picture if 
> you
> speed.
> Ask me how I know. . .  ;-)
> Interestingly enough, because an actual officer isn't involved and they
> don't pull you over, the tickets carry only a fine and no points against
> your license. I'm not sure why, but there are apparently some legal issues
> involved.

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