interesting boost issue on my 200TQA

Huppert, Eric eric.huppert at
Wed Aug 16 09:41:35 EDT 2006



Just went through this on my 20v. Was able to purchase a 3" rubber sewer cab
and add a Schrader valve. The mm hose I had visually inspected (several
times) was split in the casting seam, not in the bottom of the ribs as usual.


Little more difficult to fabricate on the 10v, but a pressure check seems in
order! Could probably pull the turbo "out" hose and add the appropriate cap
and pressure test with 15psi. The leak will be obvious once you do this. If
you had a head gasket leak you would have a dead miss in that cylinder (f it
was leaking that much boost).... Not to say it couldn't happen, but
personally feel it's rather doubtful.


Would also suggest running codes....


Look at Scott M's site.



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