interesting boost issue on my 200TQA

Tom Winter tom at
Wed Aug 16 11:41:22 EDT 2006

On 8/16/06 8:11 AM, "quattro-request at"
<quattro-request at> wrote:

> oh, and the car now consumes a whole lot of
> coolant.  keep in mind, it seems to start and
> drive just fine, 

This is exactly how my modded (IA stage 1) 5000 tqa acted right before I
blew a head gasket. I focused on a coolant leak and kept filling her up, but
couldn't, for the life of me, locate a leak. It drove me nuts, but then
after about 150 miles the gasket blew, and I knew where all the coolant was
going. BTW, there was no white smoke or other indication of a problem w/ the
head until after the gasket fully quit.

Others may know more. . . .

Hopefully you have a different issue.


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