Fuel Line Corrosion Fix

Huw Powell audi at humanspeakers.com
Wed Aug 16 22:29:39 EDT 2006

> What is the most elegant, long term solution here? 

New lines, carefully and properly installed.

> I dont want to spend money on new lines.

Oops... long term elegance sometimes costs money.

By the way, to put some sort of ballpark on it, a set of both lines for 
a type 85 (4k/cgt) run about $300 at the dealer, last tiem I looked into 
it.  I don't know how much worse yours would be.

That and some work, preferably on a lift, and you're done.

> Is there stiff tubing anyone can
> recommend that can fit in the existing rubber mounts so that corrosion will be
> a non issue?

If you can find the right diameter metric metal fuel line (measure the 
OD?), perhaps several lengths, and carefully bend it (with a proper 
bender) to fit all the way along, that would work nicely.  I believe the 
fittings are "double flare," so you kinda have to go end to end to do it 

The hard part is where the line goes up in front of the firewall, behind 
that shield.  Tough to get in there and get everything right.

I did once swap in a parts car pressure line on a cgt, on a lift, it 
wasn't insanely difficult.  Still have the return line hanging from some 
hot water pipes, years later.... just in case....

Huw Powell



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