New to Audis...Again

thejimrose thejimrose at
Thu Aug 17 02:57:34 EDT 2006

HAHAHAHA!!!!! lol.. love it. a little dose of reality. =)

youre a pucker for sunishment. then again so am i. i have the front otrn off
he a4 at the moment, doing a ko4, exhaust, etc etc. my brother just shakes
his head and loves his civic. feh, i say. at least the audi is worth the

On 8/16/06, Huw Powell <audi at> wrote:
> > oh DUDE! the 2 worst audi's you can own.
> How about a '79 100LS and an '81 5000 diesel auto (whose engine barely
> has enough power to open the sunroof)?
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> Huw Powell

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