Hydraulic system problems ('85 5000 turbo)

Ameer Antar antar at comcast.net
Thu Aug 17 10:56:00 EDT 2006

All, I'm having a major problem with the hydraulic system on my 5000 turbo. Hopefully someone can help. I've replaced pretty much every component in the system, including the rack, pump, accumulator (bomb), reservoir, all hoses/lines and fittings. The accumulator is one of those recharged bombs. The only piece I havn't changed is the brake servo. The problem is after replacing all that, there's still almost no power steering or brakes. The power assist does seem to randomly change. Some times I can feel a little assist, but for the most part there's pretty much nothing. Since there's no power steering or brake, I'm thinking it's got to be something up with the pump or upstream of that... Any ways to do diagnosis?
Also, I noticed that the fluid level in the reservoir changes a lot. When the car is off, it's right about at the max, and when running it's very close to the minimum. Is that normal? I'm pretty sure I used  the right banjo bolts b/c this system uses crush washers instead of o-rings. I believe those pumps only use one type of bolts. Are the pumps different for the o-ring vs. crush washer systems? The reason I ask is because the pump doesn't have a tag on it.
 Thanks for any advice.

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