Hydraulic system problems ('85 5000 turbo)

Kneale Brownson kneale at coslink.net
Thu Aug 17 11:19:35 EDT 2006

If the banjo bolts thread into the pump openings and seal properly, you
should have appropriate bolts.  I think the one on the supply line from the
reservoir has a screen in it.  You might check that the screen is clear.  I
assume you replaced the pump with a rebuilt one, but did you rebuild it
yourself or get it from a reliable rebuilder?   Sure sounds like you're
having issues with the pump.  The test for pump output is that you install
a gauge fitting in place of either the hose to the rack or the hose to the
bomb and run the pump up to speed briefly.  You should be seeing 2000+ psi
on the gauge.  

At 10:56 AM 8/17/2006 -0400, Ameer Antar wrote:
>All, I'm having a major problem with the hydraulic system on my 5000 
>turbo. Hopefully someone can help. I've replaced pretty much every 
>component in the system, including the rack, pump, accumulator (bomb), 
>reservoir, all hoses/lines and fittings. The accumulator is one of those 
>recharged bombs. The only piece I havn't changed is the brake servo. The 
>problem is after replacing all that, there's still almost no power 
>steering or brakes. The power assist does seem to randomly change. Some 
>times I can feel a little assist, but for the most part there's pretty 
>much nothing. Since there's no power steering or brake, I'm thinking 
>it's got to be something up with the pump or upstream of that... Any 
>ways to do diagnosis?
>Also, I noticed that the fluid level in the reservoir changes a lot. When 
>the car is off, it's right about at the max, and when running it's 
>very close to the minimum. Is that normal? I'm pretty sure I used  the 
>right banjo bolts b/c this system uses crush washers instead of o-rings. I 
>believe those pumps only use one type of bolts. Are the pumps different for 
>the o-ring vs. crush washer systems? The reason I ask is because the pump 
>doesn't have a tag on it.
> Thanks for any advice.
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