OT Radar ticket in PA goodie found.

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Thu Aug 17 13:25:19 EDT 2006

This definetly works and I have done it before.

My brother used to be a Deputy DA and told me to "Ask for a Thirty-One
Eleven" if you ever get pulled over.  I have actually done this more
times than I would like to admit.  One time I got a ticket which had
the citation already TYPED on it.  I went to the hearing and 5 minutes
after walking in the door I was back in my car with my 3111.

One time the officer asked me how i know what a "Thiry one Eleven" is
and i told him my brother used to be a DA.  He gave me a warning.

So if nothing else, you can make up a story about a friend from a
small town who told you a story or something.   Just make sure you use
the verbage "Thirty One Eleven" and you will probably have better


On 8/16/06, SuffolkD at aol.com <SuffolkD at aol.com> wrote:
> For the recent PA discussion about radar / traffic tickets, I found this
> goodie tonight while searching around........ANy truth to this?
> http://www.laserveil.com/speeding-ticket/how-to-beat/
> "Once told, it pays to be familiar with the state/local moving violdation and
> traffic citation statutes.Askif the officer would be willing to cite a
> reduced statute on thespeeding ticket. In PA, for example, a PA3111A is a catch-all
> moving violation that carries no points.Rememberthat we're not asking to be
> given a 'break' on receiving a speedingticket - they hear this all the time too.
> We're just asking for his/herconsideration of citing a different statute with
> the traffic citation.Whenthe speeds are higher on your pending speeding
> ticket , suggest thatyou'll accept on the spot a traffic citation for a PA3111A and
> aseat-belt violation [which carries no points is PA]. This way,everybody gets
> what they want. The officer has violations/fines he/shecan take back to the
> barracks and you have a reduced fine/penalty and no points!"
> http://www.laserveil.com/speeding-ticket/how-to-beat/
> -Scott by BOSTON
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