Timing belt ?

Huw Powell audi at humanspeakers.com
Thu Aug 17 15:49:52 EDT 2006

> When a timing belt goes, is it an abrupt no go or can it be gradual ?

Typically, the engine dies instantly - if the belt breaks, or a bunch of 
teeth tear off.

It *could* theoretically hop a tooth or two on a pulley, leading to a 
non working engine (just a couple of teeth is enough difference between 
cam and crank to screw things up).

>  I was an eighth of a mile from home(all downhill fortunately) this
> morning when I experienced a substantial but gradual loss of power. 
> Gauges were fine and the best description I can give is it felt like
> the front end had locked up.

Even when coasting?

Your cat might be breaking up and clogging the exhaust stream.

> After parking it and checking fluids and
> tires, there was that unmistakable smell of burnt rubber.

Could you localize the source at all?

Huw Powell



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