OT Radar ticket in PA goodie found.

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>>* On Wed, 2006-08-16 at 23:09 -0400, SuffolkD at
*>>* For the recent PA discussion about radar / traffic tickets, I found
*>>* goodie tonight while searching around........ANy truth to this?
*>* Yep, I think so.
*>* I plead down to something like this for a speeding ticket I got in NY.
*>* "Failure to obey a traffic control device", just a fine, no points.
*>* Could somebody find the statue numbers for something like this in MA and
*>* NH pleazzzzzze :)*

I think this is true.  Someone, please tell me if I am wrong but there is no
such graciousness to be had in Massachusetts.

And a word to the wise:  Be extremely vigilant and careful on Route 181,
Route 9, or Route 202 in the vicinity of Belchertown, Massachusetts -- about
10 miles SE of Amherst.  There are some extraordinarily good roads near
there, brand spanking new, that *invite* you to exceed the posted limit (45
MPH in some places on a 4-lane highway) but if you do, be aware that the
Belchertown police are like a steel leg trap.  BANG!  And they *mean it.*
Also be very careful on the nice, smooth backroads in and arround
Sturbridge/Holland.  They will seduce you in the same way, and the cops are
*right* around the corner when you least expect them.  We have a lot of
motorcyclists in this area and the police are well aware of the revenue
potential.  They will get you every single time if you don't have a good
detector, quick response time, and/or an angel on your shoulder.  How do I
know, you ask?  I live in the building that used to be the police station in
Holland and therefore I know the Chief of police here pretty well.


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