Timing belt ?

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Subject: Re: Timing belt ?

> Guys, I couldnt make this up, and Im not an idiot. I do plenty of
> work on these things and lots of customization, I know what Im
> talking about.

> Car was running (barely) and the top cam pully wasnt moving an inch.

**** I cant resist the temptation. :-)

The engine is running, but the cam is not turning.
Then the valves are not moving.
With valves not moving, how is fresh charge entering the engine? How are
exhaust gases leaving?
Assume one of the cylinders with both valves closed - you got compression,
but no charge.
How are the other cylinders maintaining compression with one or both valves
open or partially open?
I bit of theory here . .is the distributor driven off the camshaft also? If
yes, how are you getting spark to any cylinder?

My thinking here is that somebody:
1. missed out on the "connect the dots" series of lectures in kindergarten
school, or
2. has excessive blind faith . .and believes in miracles, or
3. knows how to do things by rote, theory be damned . .one of those "dont
confuse me with the facts" type, or
4. All the Above

Common sense is a rare commodity.

Time for a brewski and a look at the newspaper comics now that I'm in the

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